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TAMARS – A Treatment Like No Other!

TAMARS® by 21st Century Back Care is not a typical treatment by a chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist that you might be used to but instead employs advanced technology to deliver a more complete spinal treatment. Although the advanced technology is important to achieve excellent results, it is still the therapist that is the vital element because without their input the TAMARS® device cannot work. Think of the device as an extension of the hand with greater capabilities rather than a replacement. TAMARS® stands for Technology Assisted Mobilisation And Reflex Stimulation and is a hand held device that delivers treatment to ensure the spine is functioning as close as possible to its optimal level. The device is constantly controlled by the therapist who alters the depth, pressure and time duration of the treatment depending on the needs and response of the patient. The more complete approach to treating the spine with TAMARS® is why we can achieve quick results for acute pain and long lasting results for chronic pain. Our patients at 21st Century Back Care can change their expectations from managing the pain to leading a pain free life! So if you’re suffering from back and neck pains then you’ve come to the right place and we hope you enjoy finding out more about the TAMARS® by exploring our site…click here to find out more

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