Back Pain Causes Analysed

Back pain causes are wide ranging, be it through sport, accidents, posture, wear and tear, etc.  Getting you better is our top priority and recent research is highlighting that back pain causes can be broken down into one significant factor, namely control of movement of the spine.  Improving the control of movement of the spine is key to the root of many back pain causes as it is one of the best indicators to determine the difference between back pain sufferers and those that are pain free.  If your spine is not moving in a controlled way doing activities such as walking, bending, twisting, etc then you are much more likely to suffer joint pain, suffer nerve irritation, excessively stress spinal discs and experience debilitating muscle spasm.

The human body is amazing at adapting to a reduction in spinal control and the resulting back pain and the outcome of this is excessive muscle stiffness.  Stiffness is necessary for spinal stability but too much and you end up with huge constant compressive forces on the structure of the spine which is very bad in the long term and also has a significant energy cost.  Research has actually shown that people with low back pain for example have 26% more compression and 75% more lateral sheer than those without low back pain.  Not good for your poor spine!

The key then is to both reduce stiffness and improve spinal control.  Improving spinal control can be achieved by enhancing what is known as muscle reflex response.  Essentially this means that spinal reflexes improve the ability of the muscles to respond to any disturbance of the spine.  Therefore stiffness is only achieved to the desired level when needed such as with a demanding task like picking up a heavy box.  Now you have the best of both worlds, a reduction in stiffness and a more stable spine!  Now we have condensed many back pain causes into one significant factor… read on to discover how TAMARS can improve spinal control and reduce stiffness.

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