Back Pain Relief With TAMARS

As explained in the previous section, the first step for back pain relief is to reduce stiffness. Mobilisation is a technique that has been shown to reduce stiffness and TAMARS® provides an advanced form of this treatment for the entire spine rather than just spinal segments which is the case with other treatments. Because the spine functions as a complete structure, issues are rarely isolated to just segments of the spine and this is why we believe a complete spinal treatment is necessary to achieve optimal results and achieve back pain relief for our patients.

The next step for back pain relief is improving muscle reflex response and our research indicates that stimulating spinal reflexes with the TAMARS® device is an effective way to achieve this and again the results are optimal when the entire spine is treated. Stimulating spinal reflexes resolves what we identify as being a common factor amongst back pain sufferers and that is spinal misalignment. Our research indicates that as misalignment increases then muscle reflex response decreases but the TAMARS® device can resolve this and your pain…read on to find out how TAMARS® back pain treatment can reduce stiffness and misalignment.

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