TAMARS Back Pain Treatment

As you have read in the previous section, the TAMARS® back pain treatment works to reduce stiffness and correct misalignment and our experience shows that this is a problem with almost every patient we see.

TAMARS® stands for Technology Assisted Mobilisation And Reflex Stimulation and the device is constantly controlled by the therapist who alters the depth, pressure and time duration of the treatment depending on the needs and response of the patient. The device essentially becomes an extension of the hand but with far greater abilities.

With the therapist controlling the back pain treatment device at all times, 3 modes of treatment are administered:

1. Spasm mode helps to relax the muscles and is used to commence and end each treatment.

2. Reflex mode stimulates the spinal reflexes by moving the device quickly up and down the length of the spine. To stimulate the reflexes, a tap will be delivered by the device at the lateral end of the transverse processes causing a rapid reflex movement of an individual vertebra. It is this unique technique that can very quickly correct spinal misalignment.

The advanced technology of this back pain treatment allows us to treat the entire spine in this way to improve the control of movement and stability of the spine. Treating the entire spine rather than just segments is very important because the spine works as a complete structure and therefore TAMARS® ensures the whole structure is as stable as possible.  This will work especially well with less stiffness and this brings us on to the next mode of treatment.

3. The mobilising mode is an advancement of a well known spinal mobilising technique called Maitland mobilisation and will help to reduce stiffness. The TAMARS® back pain treatment device allows us to work with different levels of pressure which means we can be much more consistent with the pressure we use than we ever could by just using our hands and the pressure is much more focused to the right areas. The device also allows us to work for long periods without fatigue which is a must because we are mobilising the entire spine.

The TAMARS® mobilising technique works by applying alternating pressure over diagonally opposed transverse processes of adjacent vertebral pairs. This sounds very complicated but can be better explained by the use of a diagram. As illustrated below, A and B represent placement of the four pads over the transverse processes of an adjacent vertebral pair. Pads A apply gentle pressure simultaneously, the cycle is then reversed and as pads A are withdrawn, pads B apply pressure. As the handset is worked up and down the length of the spine, every vertebra is exercised through counter-rotation.

The key to the success of TAMARS® back pain treatment is to continually alternate between the mobilising and reflex modes during a treatment session and one without the other would mean a much less effective treatment…read on to find out what you can expect from your first visit.

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