What To Expect

Upon arrival at our clinic you will be greeted by a friendly member of our staff and will have to fill out some brief details for our records and to help us understand your presenting complaint. Following this you will be taken you through to one of our treatment rooms where the therapist will talk through the problems you have listed and gather any further information that will be helpful to understand how best to treat your back problem.

Following this, the therapist will explain in more detail exactly how the TAMARS® treatment works so you know exactly what to expect during your treatment. The next thing to do will be to examine your spine on one of our specially designed treatment tables which helps to reduce the stresses on your spine and allows us to more effectively examine the entire spine for misalignment. At this point the therapist can describe exactly what he/she has found and will then proceed with the treatment if TAMARS® is deemed suitable.

For your first visit you will be in the clinic for roughly an hour to allow us to complete the consultation and treatment and following this we can advise on the best way to proceed. Every patient and condition is different and some people may only need one or two treatments whilst others will need more. To give you a rough idea of how many treatments it may take, the average number is usually 4-6 sessions and this is even with chronic conditions.

We will advise muscles stretching and strengthening exercises if this is necessary because as well as making sure the structure of the spine is stable, the muscular flexibility and strength can help ensure your back can withstand the knocks and jolts from everyday activities and will stay in good condition for even longer.

We recommend that patients attend the clinic for follow up treatments after 6 months to ensure that no problems have started to creep back because it is far easier and more cost effective for you to treat preventatively like this than to wait for the problems to build up again.

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