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UK Broadcaster Jackie Brambles

Like millions of women in the UK, broadcaster Jackie Brambles has first-hand experience of the back problems which can arise from pregnancy and childrearing

The former Loose Women anchor, GMTV Hollywood correspondent and BBC Radio 1 presenter started suffering from back pain in 2006, during the latter stages of her first pregnancy. After her son Stanley was born, Jackie quickly became pregnant again with daughter Florence, which left her with little time to recuperate before her back pain flared up for a second time.

She said; “Anyone who has had children will know that it is physically demanding and during both my pregnancies, I suffered from sciatica. After having the children, like any mum, there is no time to nurture your body back to its full strength as you’re so busy looking after them, lifting and carrying all day. It’s no surprise that back and neck pain became part of daily life for me.”

Back problems weren’t really an issue for Jackie before she had children, though she has been used to constant stiffness in her neck and shoulders as a result of a car accident in her late teens. “When I was living in San Francisco, I visited a chiropractor a few times,” she said, “I did get some temporary relief from the stiffness but I didn’t like the sensation of the treatments so when I moved to Los Angeles, I tried Thai and Shiatsu massage instead and found that much more effective.”

Matters came to a head earlier this year during a family holiday, when Jackie spent more time than usual carrying her younger daughter around. “We forgot to bring the pushchair for Florence and we ended up having to lift and carry her more than we usually do. All mums will have that familiar position of carrying their wee ones on their hip, even though it’s so bad for your posture and this is exactly the trap that I fell into on holiday. By the time we returned home to Scotland, I was suffering from intense back pain which spread into my leg and left me unable to sleep at night. It became so bad and had such a knock-on effect in everything I did that I knew I had to find an effective treatment that would tackle it properly and resolve the problem rather than just relieving the symptoms for a while.”

As luck would have it, a friend recommended 21st Century Back Care’s revolutionary TAMARS® treatment and Jackie was keen to give it a try. With clinics in Glasgow and Edinburgh, 21st Century Back Care is Scotland’s only clinic dedicated to the use of TAMARS® (Technology Assisted Micro-Mobilisation and Reflex Stimulation) for the treatment of chronic and acute back pain and neck pain).

TAMARS®’ passive and non-invasive approach involves the use of a hand-held, computer console-controlled device which acts like a ‘bionic hand’. The device administers a safe, drug free and non-surgical full spinal treatment which frees and straightens the entire vertebrae, from top to bottom. The three modes of treatment are designed to restore elasticity, mobility and flexibility to the musculoskeletal joints of the spine.

After the first couple of treatments, Jackie started to notice an improvement in her back pain and leg problems and further work in the next two sessions made a noticeable impact on the pain, leaving her far more mobile. She commented; “After I heard about TAMARS®, I couldn’t wait to give it a try as the back pain I was suffering was making it increasingly difficult to function day to day, especially because I was constantly sleep deprived as I couldn’t get comfortable at night.”

She continued; “I had four treatment sessions with Daniel, the practitioner at 21st Century Back Care’s Glasgow clinic, and he really helped in explaining what was causing the pain and how TAMARS® would help it. He also picked up on the stiffness in my neck and shoulders and did a lot of work there to free it up. The level of pressure exerted by the TAMARS® machine varies from patient to patient and it’s a good idea to chat with the practitioner about it beforehand so that you understand what the different intensity levels mean in the context of your own treatments. For somebody like me, who gets much more pain relief from the more intense pressure, it made TAMARS® something that I looked forward to and the results were excellent. I can’t describe the effect it’s had on my day to day life and on my sense of well-being. Being pain-free is a joy itself but I also feel much straighter, more flexible and about a foot taller now.”

Alison Pritchard

Alison Pritchard tried the TAMARS® treatment after 18 years of suffering with back pain and can now enjoy her social life and hobbies that she had to avoid for years

Alison Pritchard of Brechin, spent 18 years suffering with back pain before discovering the TAMARS® treatment at Edinburgh-based 21st Century Back Care.

“The constant pain in my back was something that I had to try and live with.” Alison tried steroid and cortisone injections into the epidural, plus treatments from chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists, but nothing seemed to work.

“I had three treatments in quick succession, followed by further sessions at regular intervals and I noticed a difference very quickly. I was walking taller and my posture seemed better. The back pain which had become part of my daily life receded and I felt normal again. Now, I can go for walks, go dancing or do some gardening without the unpredictability that at any moment, the pain will start up again.”

“It is impossible to describe the difference that it has made to my quality of life. I can go curling again, which I had given up because of the back pain. Getting out of bed and being able to walk to the shower rather than crawl in pain is a joy. Family life is so much better when you aren’t in pain and sleep deprived. I can enjoy spending time with people again and pursuing my hobbies. I have recommended the TAMARS® treatment to several friends.”

Marie Dale

Marie Dale suffered head and neck injuries from a car accident in 1993 and has also had several low back in injuries through horse riding.

Marie Dale (53) of Murrayfield is a mother of three who has suffered from back pain for over fifteen years. Like many people, she tried numerous treatments before discovering the revolutionary TAMARS® treatment.

“I was in a bad car accident about 15 years ago in which I injured my neck and head” explained Marie. “I’ve also had a couple of riding accidents where I damaged my coccyx. The upshot of this is that I have spent years living with ongoing back pain and neck pain.”

She continued; “About five years ago, I started seeing a chiropractor but it didn’t offer any long term relief, just a quick release. The pain soon returned. I also tried physiotherapy, which was ineffective, and had weekly sessions for about nine months with an osteopath. Again, this only provided short term relief and it didn’t tackle the root cause of the problem. A friend whom I know through horse riding recommended TAMARS® so I decided to give it a try and the effect has been simply incredible. It provides a long-term solution to back pain, not a quick fix, and I feel like I’ve got a whole new lease of life.”

Marie Dale is one of a growing group of people who are living with the benefits that TAMARS® offers. She said; “I had six treatments but even after the first one, I could feel a difference. The effect on my quality of life is indescribable and it’s hard to believe that I have so much movement in my back after living for years with pain. Before TAMARS®, most things were a real effort and had pain involved. Now I can really enjoy my hobbies like horse riding and skiing as this is the only treatment that has provided a long term solution to my back and neck problems. I’ve recommended friends and family to try out TAMARS® now as well and they’re as impressed as I am with it. When you hear about a new treatment, it’s easy to be sceptical as so many other therapies have been ineffective, but TAMARS® has given me a pain-free life after 15 years.”

David Turner

David Turner tried the TAMARS® treatment and no longer has to rely on a cocktail of painkillers to get through the day.

When you are self employed and running a business which requires constant manual activity, it’s just not an option to take time off work with back pain. For David Turner (39) from East Lothian, this is the scenario which he lived with on a daily basis – having to work whilst in constant agony due to a recurring back problem.

“I hurt my back many years ago when I was in the merchant navy and then I suffered two prolapsed discs a few years back after lifting a paving stone. After seeing a specialist, taking strong painkillers and undergoing a course of physiotherapy, the problem seemed to be resolved. Then at the end of 2007, I started suffering from chronic back pain which got progressively worse and I knew I had to seek out treatment to sort it out once and for all.”

“I was living on painkillers and struggling to get ready for work in the mornings. Getting in and out of the car was a nightmare and I had to scale down what I could do work-wise as I simply couldn’t lift or bend like I needed to.”

“After about the third TAMARS® treatment, I started to notice a real difference. My back felt stronger and I was able to cope better with day to day life. There was an ongoing improvement after each treatment, my posture is much better and I can live life properly again. I have recommended 21st Century Back Care to quite a few of my friends and I now have one treatment a month to keep my back in good shape. It gives me the confidence of knowing that my back is strong and won’t let me down.”

Robert Burgon

Robert Burgon had suffered from permanent low back pain, leg, neck and shoulder pain for many years and often had to resort to pain killers to get through the day.

Imagine what it must be like having spent the last twenty five years of your life living with constant lower back pain? Similar to a nagging toothache, Robert Burgon (57), of Berwick-on-Tweed lived with permanent pain in his back, neck and legs. As a self employed joiner with a strenuous job, he often had to work through the pain, resorting to medication to get through the day or enjoy a decent night’s sleep.

“If you are in constant pain, you’ll try anything to try and get some relief,” explained Robert. It doesn’t matter about the cost, it’s all about quality of life. Unfortunately, everything I tried offered only a short-term improvement, a week at most, and didn’t get to the root cause of the problem, so you just learn to live with the constant discomfort.”

Robert said; “TAMARS® has been magnificent for me. After everything I’ve tried, it’s wonderful to experience a life free from constant pain. My back and neck are considerably better and my mobility has really improved as well. I have a physically demanding job with lots of lifting and bending but whenever I visited the doctors, all they could recommend was painkillers and plenty of rest. I was referred for physiotherapy at one point but that was just a waste of time. You almost get to the stage that you are resigned to living with the pain and discomfort because nothing seemed to work, until I tried TAMARS®.”

He continued; “I have recommended a couple of friends to go for treatment at 21st Century Back Care. The key secret of why TAMARS is so effective is that it is doing something that no other treatment can achieve. It is treating the whole length of the spine and re-aligning it. When I went to see Jeff Knox, he quickly diagnosed that my spine was slightly bent at both the top and the bottom. I hadn’t mentioned my neck problem to him, but he picked up on it straight away.”

Hazel Wilson

Hazel Wilson had suffered low back pain from a diving accident in 1972. She also struggled with neck pain and headaches following several car accidents.

Hazel Wilson (60) is a mother of three grown up children who has suffered from back pain for over thirty years, after a diving accident in Singapore. Like many people, she tried numerous treatments before discovering the revolutionary TAMARS® treatment.

“The diving accident in 1972 was the trigger for my back pain and at some points in my life, the pain has been truly devastating. I have suffered with agonising lower back pain, headaches and pain in my neck and legs for such a long time that it becomes a way of life. Simple tasks like carrying shopping or getting in or out of a car could be incredibly painful and I would often avoid going out at night in case my back suddenly went and the pain started.”

She continued; “I have tried so many different treatments to try and get some relief – acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopaths and chiropractors. At best, I would get short periods of respite and at worst, some of the treatments just aggravated the problem. I read an article about TAMARS® and decided to give it a try and the effect has been simply incredible. My spine is more or less straight, I have great movement in my neck and back and I can swim and dive again. It has given me a life back that’s got quality in it.”

Hazel Wilson is one of a growing group of people who are living with the benefits that TAMARS® offers. She said; “I have had several treatments and after years of living in agony, I am pretty much free of pain and able to enjoy hobbies and activities which I have had to avoid for years. I have so much energy and feel like a human being again. I’ve recommended friends and family to try out TAMARS® now as well and I can’t speak highly enough of how it has transformed my life. When I first visited the clinic, they discovered that my spine was all curved. TAMARS has treated this problem in a healthy way and the difference is nothing short of miraculous.”

Ann Morgan Thomas

Ann Morgan Thomas got such good results from the TAMARS® treatment that she no longer needed an operation on her spine.

Ann has suffered from a very bad back for over 10 years, which left her in constant pain. The pain stopped Ann from sleeping and she had to resort to ibuprofen and co-codamol to try and control it, and when it was particularly bad she needed to take valium as well to stop muscle spasms.

Regular visits to a private physiotherapist helped for a while but eventually became less effective.

Ann was constantly at the GPs and was eventually referred to orthopaedics at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh for X-rays and a scan. She was diagnosed with a condition called spondylolisthesis, which caused the bottom vertebrae to slip forward and discs to bulge out.

She was booked in for surgery, for a procedure which would involve inserting pins in her spine and a plate to pull it back into place. A bone graft would also be required from her pelvis and the whole operation seemed very invasive and would involve considerable time off work.

Whilst on the waiting list for her surgery, Ann continued to research her back condition and to look for other treatments which might help to avoid the need for an operation.

She read about 21st Century Back Care and the TAMARS® procedure in the newspaper and decided to give it a try.

Jeff Knox at the clinic took a detailed history of Ann’s condition and advised that TAMARS® may help but he couldn’t make any guarantees. “I was impressed with Jeff’s approach and with his honesty” said Ann. “He was very thorough with all the medical information that he took from me and he didn’t make promises that he could definitely sort my back problem out. He advised me that it was worth giving it a try and that was good enough for me. I was desperate to try any treatment which had a realistic chance of improving my back, to the extent that I could at least cancel the operation.”

The first TAMARS® treatment Ann had at 21st Century Back Care was quite mild and she noticed an improvement in just a few weeks. For the first time in years, she felt like her back was in better shape

She has since been for further treatments and the effect has been so signifcant that she has been able to take herself off the waiting list for spinal surgery and is leading a more normal, pain free life.

She said; “After being sporadically off work over the past few years and needing to take a host of medication to try and make my back condition bearable, I was delighted to give TAMARS®a try as the prospect of surgery was very much a last resort. It’s definitely made a big difference and I’m no longer facing the need to have an operation. Long may it continue!”

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