Click on the names of the publications below to read more about case studies that have featured in the publications across the United Kingdom.

Publication Region Date
Daily Record Scotland 11/10/2010
News Letter Northern Ireland 15/02/2008
Bunkered United Kingdom 25/10/2007
Scotland On Sunday Scotland 14/10/2007
Edinburgh in Season Scotland 09/10/2007
Daily Record Scotland 08/10/2007
Sunday Post Scotland 07/10/2007
I-on Edinburgh Scotland 01/10/2007
Scotsman Scotland 09/06/2007
Sunday Herald Scotland 27/05/2007
Edinburgh Evening News Scotland 16/10/2006
Scottish Health News Scotland 01/10/2006
Irish News Northern Ireland 30/05/2006
Daily Mail United Kingdom 07/06/2005
Financial Times United Kingdom 28/05/2005
News Letter Northern Ireland 20/04/2004
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