Alison Pritchard tried the TAMARS® treatment after 18 years of suffering with back pain and can now enjoy her social life and hobbies that she had to avoid for years

Alison Pritchard of Brechin, spent 18 years suffering with back pain before discovering the TAMARS® treatment at Edinburgh-based 21st Century Back Care. “The constant pain in my back was something that I had to try and live with.”

Alison tried steroid and cortisone injections into the epidural, plus treatments from chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists, but nothing seemed to work.

“I had three treatments in quick succession, followed by further sessions at regular intervals and I noticed a difference very quickly. I was walking taller and my posture seemed better. The back pain which had become part of my daily life receded and I felt normal again. Now, I can go for walks, go dancing or do some gardening without the unpredictability that at any moment, the pain will start up again.”

“It is impossible to describe the difference that it has made to my quality of life.”

“I can go curling again, which I had given up because of the back pain. Getting out of bed and being able to walk to the shower rather than crawl in pain is a joy. Family life is so much better when you aren’t in pain and sleep deprived. I can enjoy spending time with people again and pursuing my hobbies. I have recommended the TAMARS® treatment to several friends.”

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