David Turner tried the TAMARS® treatment and no longer has to rely on a cocktail of painkillers to get through the day.

When you are self employed and running a business which requires constant manual activity, it’s just not an option to take time off work with back pain. For David Turner (39) from East Lothian, this is the scenario which he lived with on a daily basis – having to work whilst in constant agony due to a recurring back problem.

“I hurt my back many years ago when I was in the merchant navy and then I suffered two prolapsed discs a few years back after lifting a paving stone. After seeing a specialist, taking strong painkillers and undergoing a course of physiotherapy, the problem seemed to be resolved. Then at the end of 2007, I started suffering from chronic back pain which got progressively worse and I knew I had to seek out treatment to sort it out once and for all.”

“I was living on painkillers and struggling to get ready for work in the mornings. Getting in and out of the car was a nightmare and I had to scale down what I could do work-wise as I simply couldn’t lift or bend like I needed to.”

“After about the third TAMARS® treatment, I started to notice a real difference. My back felt stronger and I was able to cope better with day to day life.”

“There was an ongoing improvement after each treatment, my posture is much better and I can live life properly again.”

“I have recommended 21st Century Back Care to quite a few of my friends and I now have one treatment a month to keep my back in good shape. It gives me the confidence of knowing that my back is strong and won’t let me down.”

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