Robert Burgon had suffered from permanent low back pain, leg, neck and shoulder pain for many years and often had to resort to pain killers to get through the day.

Imagine what it must be like having spent the last twenty five years of your life living with constant lower back pain? Similar to a nagging toothache, Robert Burgon (57), of Berwick-on-Tweed lived with permanent pain in his back, neck and legs. As a self employed joiner with a strenuous job, he often had to work through the pain, resorting to medication to get through the day or enjoy a decent night’s sleep.

“If you are in constant pain, you’ll try anything to try and get some relief,” explained Robert. It doesn’t matter about the cost, it’s all about quality of life. Unfortunately, everything I tried offered only a short-term improvement, a week at most, and didn’t get to the root cause of the problem, so you just learn to live with the constant discomfort.”

“TAMARS® has been magnificent for me. After everything I’ve tried, it’s wonderful to experience a life free from constant pain.”

“My back and neck are considerably better and my mobility has really improved as well. I have a physically demanding job with lots of lifting and bending but whenever I visited the doctors, all they could recommend was painkillers and plenty of rest. I was referred for physiotherapy at one point but that was just a waste of time. You almost get to the stage that you are resigned to living with the pain and discomfort because nothing seemed to work, until I tried TAMARS®.”

He continued; “I have recommended a couple of friends to go for treatment at 21st Century Back Care. The key secret of why TAMARS is so effective is that it is doing something that no other treatment can achieve. It is treating the whole length of the spine and re-aligning it. When I went to see Jeff Knox, he quickly diagnosed that my spine was slightly bent at both the top and the bottom. I hadn’t mentioned my neck problem to him, but he picked up on it straight away.”

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