Hazel Wilson had suffered low back pain from a diving accident in 1972. She also struggled with neck pain and headaches following several car accidents.

Hazel Wilson (60) is a mother of three grown up children who has suffered from back pain for over thirty years, after a diving accident in Singapore. Like many people, she tried numerous treatments before discovering the revolutionary TAMARS® treatment.

“The diving accident in 1972 was the trigger for my back pain and at some points in my life, the pain has been truly devastating. I have suffered with agonising lower back pain, headaches and pain in my neck and legs for such a long time that it becomes a way of life. Simple tasks like carrying shopping or getting in or out of a car could be incredibly painful and I would often avoid going out at night in case my back suddenly went and the pain started.”

She continued; “I have tried so many different treatments to try and get some relief – acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopaths and chiropractors. At best, I would get short periods of respite and at worst, some of the treatments just aggravated the problem. I read an article about TAMARS® and decided to give it a try and the effect has been simply incredible.”

“My spine is more or less straight, I have great movement in my neck and back and I can swim and dive again. It has given me a life back that’s got quality in it.”

Hazel Wilson is one of a growing group of people who are living with the benefits that TAMARS® offers. She said; “I have had several treatments and after years of living in agony, I am pretty much free of pain and able to enjoy hobbies and activities which I have had to avoid for years. I have so much energy and feel like a human being again. I’ve recommended friends and family to try out TAMARS® now as well and I can’t speak highly enough of how it has transformed my life. When I first visited the clinic, they discovered that my spine was all curved. TAMARS has treated this problem in a healthy way and the difference is nothing short of miraculous.”

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